New You Program (full program)

$870.00 Inc. GST

Buy per session at $225 each or one upfront payment of $870 for the full program (4 sessions)



The New You Program, helps you declutter yourself, change your self-perception and move forward with more freedom to choose who you are and how you apply yourself in the world. Release the layers of impure energetic information from the layers of your body consciousness and then reset, re-energise, revitalise and reprogram for a healthier application into your life.

Sessions are powerfully focused zoom or phone consultations. Every person’s needs are different, so whether your challenges are around health or managing or opening up for relationships or finding that perfect job and career, this program can be designed specifically for your needs.

It includes, tools to maximise your efforts whilst minimising the time taken to make them happen. It also includes the Inner Shaman Washout recording as part of your own self maintenance and management.

Options are for a minimum of four session or any number of sessions thereafter, if required to move you to that point where you are in control of your circumstances. Follow up activities are provided to keep you motivated and inspired.

Additional information

Full Program

4 sessions.

Sessions can also be purchased individually at $220ea instead of paying the $850 in advance