Sacred Soul Coherence

A range of options to meet your own specific needs of Transformation

This is a range of options for you to consider, whether it is at a more Personal Development level, assisting you to be the best you can be by assisting you to remove and release the limitations you are dealing with or through to getting into the depths of your past lives, coaching you through progressions of understanding about Life, the Universe and Everything.

It can even include your own business and organizational process, which needs to boosting to a highly functional and productive process.

Personal Development

A. Health, Physical, Emotional Assessments, Clearings, Release
B. Mental, Cognitive, Neurological, Removal of Paranormal Entities, Programs
C. Life Situations, Relationships, Finances, Career, Strategies

personal development soul journey

Expanding Soul Awareness

A. Past Life; Recall, Tracking, Identification, Assessments, Healing
B. Soul Recovery, Channelling & Soul Interaction, Spiritual Advice
C. Cosmological / Galactic / Planetary / Astrological Impacts 
D. Dreams: Relevance, Interpretation & Application
E. Includes Life, Energetic & Spiritual Coaching
F. House & Energy Clearing

expanding soul awareness

Soul Progression & Mastery

A. Pre- Training Soul Assessment is a requisite for Advanced Trainings to Ascertain the Soul’s Abilities and Alignments
B. Advanced Skills Development – Custom Designed Instructional Degree based on the Soul’s Capacity in Metaphysics, Alchemy; Anchoring Soul through to all levels of Soul in the Body Consciousness; Mentoring

soul progression and mastery

Business & Organisational Alchemy

Business Organisational Matrix, Grids / Gridlines, Energy Assessment / Blocks, Mapping Systems, Infringements, Meta & Quanta Data Analysis & Disbursements, Future PreViews & Challenges, Timelines – Navigation with Other Players, Group Causal Matters

business and organizational alchemy

Adjust content to suit your personal needs and life experience.

If you need help to work through something long term or challenging, choose a package of 3 x 1.5hr sessions or pay as you go. 

Support & Monitoring
$50 – 15mins
$75 – 20-30 mins

(Phone Calls/Advice/Support)

If anyone were to ask me what one person has made the most difference in my life, the person that comes to mind n a heartbeat is Leonie David.

Early last year I came across a YouTube video where James Bartley’s name came up in connection with a healer who had helped him overcome traumatic experiences similar to mine. Beginning in 2010 I had many horrific experiences due to a connection with a “spiritual healer” and had been searching for someone who could figure out what was going on and help me resolve everything. I would estimate that I worked with over 50 different people in that 12 year search and most were topnotch in their fields – psychics, shamans, exorcists, spiritual healers – all to no avail.

Then early last year, I found a video of James Bartley interviewing Leonie and I knew that I had finally found the answer to my prayers. One session, then another, and many more later, I have finally gotten to a point where I feel peaceful and joyful almost every day. Several sessions were necessary to clear all the darkness and get to the many points of connection – which isn’t unusual when you’re an old soul as those of us on a spiritual path generally are. There were so many layers to work on, but I was determined to reach wholeness and clear everything keeping me from the Light.

One big lesson in all this has been discernment. Anyone can call themselves a healer, but that’s not necessarily the case. I can affirm that Leonie is a master healer and teacher in every sense. She is also incredibly humble – which is why I know I’ve finally found the right person. She works quickly, efficiently, and accomplishes more in a one-hour session than I could ever imagine possible. She’s also makes her session prices affordable so that she can help more people. Quite honestly, you can’t place a dollar amount on the value of the service she provides – it’s truly priceless!

Leonie has taught me the tools I need to take care of basic self-healing. I’ve also begun her Innate Healing class which introduced me to a deeper, richer connection with my Soul, which I treasure more than anything.

Working with Leonie has literally saved my life. I was living in darkness – with nightmares and in terror every day for 12 years. Not even one year later, virtually all the physical, mental, and emotional torture I experienced is gone. She taught me how to clear and protect myself. I have learned to distinguish what’s going on when I experience unusual dreams and other phenomena. I connect with my Soul every day and feel confident about my future no matter what else is going on in the world.

Leonie David is a true blessing and I thank Divine Source for her every day.

C.L. Arizona, USA.

Before I met Leonie, I had recently extricated myself from a long-term and once-trusted relationship with an energy worker and artist that had left me deeply compromised and damaged. The agents – and this woman’s guides – ultimately turned out to be negative ETs and AI, and their apparent goal was trans-humanism.

It almost worked. The damage was so deep and multi-layered that I nearly died. Literally.

Fortunately, I was referred by a respected friend to someone who had helped him with similar issues and whom he recommended highly. Leonie David. To say that her entrance into my life was life changing is truly an understatement. Not only did she readily identify the issues and remove the AI and ET implants, programs, and contracts from my bodies and my Being, she concurrently guided me into a clearer understanding of who I am on a Soul level and why I am here on planet Earth at this time.

Our work is not over as we continue to discover yet another layer of a hidden program or contract. And it takes time for me to integrate the work and heal. But I am alive, and I am genuinely back from the brink of trans-humanism, something I feared I would never experience again.

Add to that, Leonie is clearing and healing lifetimes of my experiences and relationships, both past and present, that go above and beyond what brought me to her in the first place. And the greatest gift of all is that I have become reacquainted with my own Soul. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I have been on this planet for a very long time this go-round. I have had the opportunity to work with many healers, and Leonie David is simply the best, regardless of the issue.  

D.R., Hawaii

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