Inner Shaman Cleansing Ritual


Leonie A. David

The Inner Shaman relates to our own innate capabilities to use a range of creative and metaphysical techniques which quickly resolve an issue. The use of our bodies as a creative instrument, the natural environment as the trigger for the issues that need cleansing within ourselves.

As electromagnetic and energetic beings we transfer energy to each other and sometimes unbalance each other. Not only can we unbalance each other, but we can also transmit information which can limit the functioning of another. To be well, centred and aligned in ones whole system, body coherence is essential. Body coherence is about your aura and all your subtle bodies being aligned with your physical body, your organs, glands and chakras and your mind. Your mind and thinking processes are part of body coherence because your mind plays an enormous part in keeping you well and centred.

Just as we bathe regularly to remove the the physical grime that our bodies pick up each day, we also should be able to cleanse ourselves of the energetic, invisible toxins we can be exposed to throughout our interactions with others and our environment.

These energetic connections, conversations, observations, negative thought patterns can accumulate in our energy systems, emotional and mental bodies as well as spiritual bodies and become stressors on our own way of thinking and behaving.  While we may want to ignore the incessant subtle clamour, energetically integrating with our systems and our neurology, our emotional state can begin to accumulate blocks, limit our chi flow, deplete our energy, resilience and drain our vitality and life force and consequently our Joy which we as humans should be able to access readily.

This quick Inner Shaman Cleansing Ritual guides you through a visualisation which, if practised regularly, purifies, replenishes and maintains all your subtle bodies and energy systems to revitalise your mind-body-spirit connections, allowing the Light and chi to flow effortlessly and efficiently and deepens your connection to your Soul and personal Truth.

Once you have purchased the product an email will be sent to you containing the file to download on to your PC or laptop.

“I wanted to share with you my joy using the Inner Shaman visualisation, It took me to the most wonderful deep healing space, I was expecting to feel refreshed and relaxed but to my surprise I also had healing transformation in a pain in my hip/leg that had been around since childhood! This is a fantastic tool, I will use it regularly, Please make more :)” Honni, ACT