Inner Shaman Cleansing Ritual

$5.95 Inc. GST

The Inner Shaman Cleansing Ritual is recorded for you to relax into and experience this 20 minute daily guided visualisation to energetically cleanse and balance all of your body, energy systems and consciousness.


As electromagnetic and energetic beings we transfer energy to each other and sometimes unbalance each other. Not only can we unbalance each other, but we can also transmit information which can limit the functioning of another. To be well, centred and aligned in ones whole system, body coherence is essential. Body coherence is about your aura and all your subtle bodies being aligned with your physical body, your organs, glands and chakras and your mind. Your mind and thinking processes are part of body coherence because your mind plays an enormous part in keeping you well and centred.

Once purchased, you will be sent an email with a link to the file to download