Over the last couple of months, I have had clients who have either been coerced into having the COVID-19 vaccination by a doctor or a family member. They now regret it or they have been exposed to others who have had either AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Pfizer vaccinations. Those exposed to it have been nurses, health workers, chiropractor or just random situations of sitting next to people in a cafe.

All of these people are presenting with similar symptoms on an ongoing basis since having the jab or since working with those who had been.

  • Fuzzy headedness and headaches
  • A feeling of disconnectedness from everything
  • Inability to “feel” other than a despair or numbness within themselves
  • General unwellness and malais

These are supposedly normal symptoms after a jab but with the way I work into the body functions, I was able to identify a jell like substance through the brain predominantly and then even more throughout the lymphatic system organs into groin areas, and a range of energies which my mind identified as viral spike proteins collecting around the lungs, heart, ovaries and testes.

Vaxine Injury – Dr Charles Hoffe

Doctor Charles Hoffe on a post on 12 August 2021 spoke to a panel of doctors on Vaxine injury, stating that the Moderna vax has 40 trillion messenger strands of RNA molecules per vaccine wrapped into a lipid nanocapsule that are absorbed into the cells via the lymphatic system and then to the vascular endothelial system or capillaries and then they appear to accumulate around the heart and lungs.

The body recognises these messenger strands as genetic material and starts to create the spike proteins which accumulate around and within the cell walls of capillaries, causing miniscule clots and a rough cellular surface which doesn’t allow an unimpeded flow of blood. The platelets then view these accumulations in the capillary walls as a damaged vessel and clotting starts within the cell walls and increases as time goes on especially after further jabs.

The life expectancy of someone who had the jabs could be around 2 years.  I sincerely hope that his expectations are wrong but my further assessment of people tended to add more questions to that. 

David Icke

A more recent presentation by a very awake pathologist showing the extreme conditions of
cells from autopsies of those “vacinated” in the link below sent via David Icke website:

My Own Experience as Spiritual BioEnergetic Healer

Whilst most of this alarming evidence is biological in nature, my process as a Spiritual and BioEnergetic healer is to determine how or why this may impact the future of a person and their Soul Journey.  

This is what the foreign particles were presenting to me:


The codes of the mRNA vax had coded instructions and the one in each of these people was instructions to ”DIE”.  Note that everything is made up of mathematical equations and code that determines what type of an organism it may be. I “see” codes and the energetic instructions I saw was alarming.  I don’t think it was telling the virus to die as the rest of a vax process is supposed to be about, setting up antibodies for that purpose (or not).  But, by all accounts, this is not a normal inoculation process.


The fuzziness or fogginess and disconnected sensation presented as a closing off from parts of the brain which relate to consciousness, current and evolving consciousness. 


A block between the 11th 12th and 13th chakras above the head in the higher chakras which relate to connection to Source energy in those who are evolving and which opens our hearts and senses to hear the resonance of other beings, our soul tribe through to Source.


A disconnect from the 8th Earthing chakra below the feet.  This 8 th Earthing chakra relates to Freedom and Ascension Preparation. Connect to ‘Home’. Transducer. Platform. Dissolution of old allegiances and structures enslaving the Soul or Being.  With this chakra damaged how can we relate to connecting to this earth and walking the future path on this world.  (The New Evolved Chakras, Myra Sri, P. 147).


 In one person, I followed the connection of the particles in her brain which seemed to be connecting to some sort of external technological source.  I can only speculate that this may be a process of connecting people to AI to continue an ongoing programming of that person and no doubt many others – this is however what came through my intuition at the time of assessing this.  I did manage to disconnect this external force at the time.  However, with physical particles still in her brain, I could not guarantee ongoing disconnection, should signalling from an external force designed for such a process be used to connect vaccinated people into a system again.

Rudolf Steiner predicted this 100 years ago

This entire situation is becoming more concerning when we can relate to a statement made by Rudolf Steiner over a 100 years ago.

“In the future there will be a vaccination created under the pretext of a healthy lifestyle which will eliminate the Soul with medicine.  Under the pretext of a “healthy point of view, there will be a vaccine by which the human body as soon as possible directly at birth so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit. To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity…etc.”

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Rudolf Steiner’s full quote (opens in new window)

My thoughts for the future are not that we are entirely doomed, but this time in history, as a turning point, will certainly wipe out a huge percentage of the population.

The Soul

The very nature of human existence or the existence of any being is because they have a Soul. If there is no Soul, there is no purpose in life.  With a disconnectedness of Soul, it concerns me how many Souls will walk out and how many empty vessels may be walking around – or dare I say it, how many lost Souls maybe walking the astral plane with no awareness of what to do and where to go.

Considering the recent findings of more medical doctors, the thought could be, “if they last that long”. Hopefully there will be more medicos waking up to the corruption in our entire world system and the very dangers of what is currently being

What can we do?

While I used my tools and techniques to deactivate what had been transmitted into people, I would not try to guarantee success for those who have been jabbed, but for those who may want to connect about a process to assist others, please get in touch

Leonie A David