The Chakras, Functionality and Healing

Clients often ask me, what are the chakras for in a body and do I do healing on chakras. The answer is yes, I definitely work on the chakras in a healing to be able to understand what is involved in chakra balancing or healing, we need to understand how the chakras work and why they are important in a body.

The Chakra System:

There is a huge amount of information on the internet about each of the chakras but to put it into a context, I will quickly go through the main chakras first. The main chakra system has 7 major chakras – Base or Root chakra (1), Sacral/emotional (2), Solar Plexus (3), Heart (4), Throat (5), Third Eye (6) and Crown Chakra (7). Chakras are also situated at joints, ears, thymus, causal chakra (9), soul star (8), earth star and universal gateway (10). The body also has many other chakras that feed subtle bodies and psychic body which are part of the new evolving chakra systems. However, for the purpose of this article, I will only address the major chakras and others up the Universal gateway.

The function of the chakras is for the body to receive energy from the Cosmos. Each chakra acts as a transformer to safely filter down by degrees of frequency this cosmic energy to eventually reach the physical level. The chakras or energy centres are essential for this filtering to make sure the energy is usable and without burning out our nervous system. Each chakra is connected into the body’s etheric body at their respective places from base through to crown etc. The cosmic energy feeds the etheric body which, in turn fuels the physical body. Any damage to their chakras or etheric body causes a limitation or weakening in the physical body.

Each of the major chakras is of a different colour – therefore spinning at a different velocity and allowing a different level of frequency into the body through the appropriate energy centres. The three lower chakras, root, emotional/sacral, solar plexus chakras allow the physical body to assimilate readily. The heart and throat chakra allow the body to process information in the auric field. These two chakras relate to the astral and etheric templates around the body and when processing internal stimuli, these templates record information and reveal this in the aura in the form of colour – thus identifying disease patterns that a clairvoyant can “see” in the aura.

The Main Chakras

Base/root 1st chakra Health challenges with legs, bowel.

Sacral 2nd Chakra

Small and large intestines, reproductive organs and glands, bladder, hips etc.

Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra

Kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach.

Hearth 4th Chakra

Heart, lungs, bronchi, arms.

Thymus Chakra


Immune function, life force.

*while not considered a main chakra, this is essential in considering as such as it hold the dynamics of the immune system and Life Force

Throat 5th Chakra thyroid, glands in throat, shoulders, neck muscles, personal will, mouth.

Third Eye 6th Chakra

Challenges with eyes, ears, sinuses, mental clarity, stress overload, psychosis, sleep problems, Astral level of mind overload


Crown 7th Chakra Impaired cognitive ability, thinking capacity, brain, clogged, and foggy feeling.

While not considered in the main chakra system in a body, the following chakras are essential to understand their function for the purpose of the healing.

Soul star 8th chakra


Feelings of emptiness, inability to find direction.
Causal chakra 9th Located 7 cm from back of the head. Chakra clogging leads to heaviness in head and stiffness in neck, overload from causal level of Mind. Emotional to Spiritual levels in the aura may appear inky dark and heavy.
Universal Gateway – 10th chakra Not always accessed – I AM principle – connection to the Divine Self

Imbalances due to emotional issues and blockages in chakras:

Imbalances in any of these chakras means that there may be inadequate or oversupply of energy feeding the organs relating to that part of the body. Imbalances are caused by emotional and mental blockages due to life circumstances.

For example, if there are blockages in the base chakra, then there is quite often an imbalance in the hips and legs. A feeling of heaviness when walking can suggest a blockage in this base chakra. Long term impacts of this blockage can cause impoverished nerve and muscle function and bowel problems. Virtually if the cosmic energy is blocked from being absorbed through the base chakra, the lower part of the body can become de-energised and wasted. The base chakra is the root chakra or tribal chakra. Families connect to the base chakra and usually to a parent or one who is perceived as the strongest in the family. Families can also send emotional tribal energy or take emotional tribal energy through this chakra.

Similarly, if the second chakra is blocked, issues to do with the reproductive organs, bladder and urinary problems can persist. People who have had unhealthy sexual experiences can have problems with these physical organs and glands as a result of an emotional blockage at the second chakra.

A very powerful and concerning example of how a body is impacted by life circumstances is if there has been any incidence of incest and abuse. In this case many chakras can be impacted and become unbalanced and blocked because of the emotional trauma relating to the family/tribal, sexual abuse issue.

The chakras that may become impacted are the base – family; the second – sacral or emotional chakra which relates to sexual organs. The emotional issue involved would include the heart chakra as there would be a betrayal of trust. It would include the solar plexus chakra as the emotion would be buried deep in the heart so an “emotional numbness” about relationships can occur. The person could possibly feel powerless because of the negative emotion involved which relates to the solar plexus chakra which if blocked can influence digestive and liver problems. A person who has been the victim of incest or sexual abuse may also feel like they have very little “will” which relates to the throat chakra so this impacts their ability to communicate their pain as well as communicate generally with others.

As a victim of sexual abuse can be subjected to a range of emotional manipulation over a long period of their childhood, the negative impacts continue on into their adult hood. This has been very evident with the exposure of the sexual abuse of children by people that were supposedly in a position of trust to look after young lives such as catholic priests, religious or other carers or teachers. Victims may be unable to envisage their future which is a function assisted by activation of the third eye to assisting in actioning their life and their purpose – crown chakra.

Healing of incest and sexual abuse takes many different processes of deep psyche and trauma healing, before many victims have any chance of getting their lives in order and to operate as a person who is in control and in charge of their lives. Working through the chakras is only the first place to start with in a healing process in this instance.

Fortunately, although unpleasant, other imbalances in chakras may just be from other people who have “dumped” emotional energy in a person or “hooked” by their mind. For example, an emotional dump or hook in a solar plexus is because someone is trying to force a person to comply with the dumper’s control issues. Healing this is a much simpler process through identifying and using spiritual and vibrational healing, releasing the emotional impact and any ongoing emotional limitations incurred. Once the release at many levels of a body is complete, I introduce my client to a process of reordering their systems, choosing a new approach to their lives and their own power and affirming that they will not be a “receptacle” for emotional dumping nor unacceptable behaviour of others.

A simple visualisation and affirmation activity is available from me after a healing for ongoing maintenance of self-empowerment.