How Can I Help?

  • Medical Intuitive Assessment indicating specific healing, designed to realign you with health and vitality
  • Spiritual Geneticist Analysis that can track and resolve hidden and outdated family stories holding you back
  • Fully integrated wellness program designed for you personally which can include love relationships, family, career, money and abundance
  • Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient advice, chanelled from your own personal Spiritual Guides and my Master Healers
  • Spiritual, vibrational and metaphysical healing processes and self management strategies for ongoing maintenance
  • Bio-energetic influences revealed and released right down to your cellular and energetic levels of your body that can produce quantam change
  • Instruction in practical spiritual, energetic and metaphysical tools to help you master your world and future direction
  • Support and reminders of your inner power, capability and voice to overcome challenges
  • Mentoring and coaching you through challenging moments to move you from fear-based emotions back to a state of Love and Joy

And you can choose to access all of these services from the comfort of your own home and comfy chair or bed through Remote Healing via Zoom, Skype or phone.

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Medical Intuitive Assessment and Healing

The benefit of a Medical Intuitive Assessment is that I track the cause including any deeply stored body information which may be causing your health issues.

The healing will release the energetic blocks and reinstate pure energy into areas in the body to stimulate the chi flow and resolve the physical symptoms and move you to a state of wellbeing. 

You may have been for medical tests without anything identified as causing the symptoms. There are many energetic, emotional/mental or spiritual reasons why you may feel these symptoms and this will be identified with a medical intuitive assessment of all your body systems.

Spiritual Geneticist Analysis and Healing

This analysis tracks hereditary conditions and Genetic Karma that may cause a range of health issues including structural challenges or weaknesses, congenital defects, attitudinal traits and even ancient, dare I say it, “spells” or “curses” placed on one of your ancestors which is still impacting you and many other people in their current life – especially around relationships and money.

Tracing the memory, the story, the impact and the Souls involved in the story and healing with Spiritual Healing, back through your genetic past can be the key to unlocking long term hereditary conditioning and ailments. As the Soul Journeyer, you can make the choice to be who you truly are if your ancient conditioning isn’t leading you back to the same un-useful, unhealthy patterns of your ancestors.

Past Life Journeying and Healing

The healing journey is complicated enough without realising that most of our relationships are due to past life connections and the Laws of Karma pulling Souls/people together to either learn from each other, repay a karmic debt, resolve unfinished business between two Souls or building and growing together again.

If you want to understand more about why you are here on our Planet at this time in Earth history or where you fit into families, relationships or why you are drawn to certain careers or endeavours, this process opens up great insight. It identifies and releases limitations on your journey and healing you and your Soul will bring about the change and transformation you are seeking. Understanding, releasing and healing plus applying ongoing strategies can bring about change and transformation for you.

Future Journeying and Redesign

The Sacred Soul Coherence Program (coming soon), The Innate Healer Program (coming soon), The New You Program are individual online training and coaching programs via Zoom.  They include instructions in skills and knowledge and offer you coaching and counselling through the challenges of new experiences.  They are designed for you personally, based on your own specific needs to help you journey easily, safely, consciously to transform and apply to your life, career, relationships and health for you and your family.