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 “My Son’s cognition improved and he seems a lot happier.”

There are those who make claims – and then there is Leonie…! 

Leonie is an amazing healer. She helped my Mum and I dislodge a lot of negative patterns. She has paved the way for to receive better relationships and after her session a toxic relationship I was in naturally melted away. Most of all, and the most significant improvement I have seen after sessions with Leonie is the improvement of my son who has non-verbal autism. His cognition and communication has improved and he just seems a lot happier. Thank you Leonie for helping my family and I.


Gold Coast, QLD

“Her abilities are unique, far-reaching, comprehensive, sure and accurate.”

There are those who make claims – and then there is Leonie…! 

Leonie is one of the most gifted yet unassuming intuitive healers I have ever met.  Her abilities are unique, far-reaching, comprehensive, sure and accurate.  We first met 20 years ago, and she has been my sure rock and ‘Go-to’ when things were too sticky for me to handle or to solve ever since.  I can count on her for answers, solutions, compassion and honesty. Her breadth of knowledge and experience is amazing.  I would safely recommend her to anyone seeking help and support or who need someone who can go to places that others haven’t yet gone…  She is ethically pure and she definitely delivers on her promises.  I always feel better after working with her.  I cannot praise her skills too highly!


Gorokan, NSW

“She is able to take a symptom, an experience or an emotion, and track it to its root cause.” 

As a sensitive soul, I have always been affected by the people, and energy around me. I have often felt other peoples’ emotions and body symptoms as if they were my own. I just never realised how much I was doing it.  This, combined with a traumatic life event many years ago, lead me to develop a serious medical condition. It could not be managed effectively by modern, or alternative medicine.          

Finally, in 2013, I began working with Leonie and for this I thank my lucky stars every day. She is the most gifted healer I have ever met. She is able to take a symptom, an experience or an emotion, and track it to its root. She does this using her unique gifts, the assistance of Master healers’ and your body.  We have worked together with my body’s intelligence, my soul and my guides to peel back the layers of illness and trauma stored in me, release them and reprogram . By doing so; my health continues to improve. 

Leonie is a wonderful teacher. She has given me metaphysical tools to understand and manage my sensitivity, and develop my own innate healing abilities. Leonie has the most wonderful ability to listen to you when she works. After a session; you don’t just feel better, you actually feel empowered because you have been treated with such respect and dignity. You feel balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.


Ulladulla, NSW

“Crashing the negative thought-train”

I have noticed I am much more positive, catch myself whenever I am having a negative train of thought and stop it. I have noticed the negative train of thoughts in others more and can see that is how I used to be. I use my mind in a more forceful way and bend my will towards a goal and immediately banish any doubt that creeps in and focus positive thoughts on creating the outcome that I want.


Canberra, ACT

“Leonie outshines them all. .”  

I have known Leonie since 2004. She has been my healer, teacher, mentor, and friend during this time for which I am eternally grateful. I am in awe of her gifts, talents and knowledge. She has a very caring and respectful nature which provides a “safe place” when receiving healing. I have met a lot of healers over the years but Leonie outshines them all. She can very quickly uncover any problems in your body, including the root cause, and is able to clear them just as quickly. The world is truly a better place with Leonie providing her expertise to it. We are indeed blessed.


Canberra, ACT

“experience and expertise that she provides in her healing sessions nothing less than exceptional” 

Leonie has been working with my family and I for over 7 years. We have found that the experience and expertise that she provides in her healing sessions nothing less than exceptional. We have always found the sessions and the after care advice reliable and consistently therapeutic. My crippling osteo arthritis no longer requires regular medication which I was reliant on for the previous 17 years. My children who were struggling in the noisy, chaotic, spiritually poor school environments are now coping and thriving. My husband who was a heavy sceptic now looks forward to the family check ups to see how we are all travelling. Additionally, for my family, Leonie provides education and clarity on the any issues that are brought up in the healing sessions. From these discussions my children now actively meditate and read widely on spiritual healing topics.


Jerrabomberra NSW

“I consider Leonie to be one of the most powerful intuitive healers on the planet.”  

I have known Leonie David for more than 20 years. I have found that Leonie is quickly able to pin point the core cause of any physical, mental or emotional distress and to work with the higher dimensions and angelic realms to resolve things almost instantly for me. I have experienced this both in her presence and more often in remote healings, over the phone, where nothing else has worked.

I consider Leonie to be one of the most powerful intuitive healers on the planet. What she does and how she does it works for me! While I don’t always fully understand what she does, I have always had a positive outcome when I have called on Leonie and have recommended her services to many of my friends. I believe that if more people used Leonie’s unusual skills, they would resolve their ‘stuff’ faster and move on with their lives without the additional burden of ‘unseen energies’ that most are ill equipped to deal with.

I would particularly recommend that other healers contact Leonie for a remote healing on a regular basis to keep all of their ‘bodies’ in optimum mode and to learn from her so we can help many more people without sacrificing ourselves. Leonie is an extraordinary person with extrasensory perception that can access dimensions that most of us only read about.

You won’t know until you experience it yourself. If you are open to all possibilities in healing, then give Leonie a call, you may just find the answers you have been searching for.


Bundaberg, QLD

“solution to a case the doctors couldn’t even diagnose!!”

After going to all forms of doctors for decades, I found Leonie David. In just 2 visits, a 31 year-old condition of severe foot inflammation completely ceased. In this case ,a clairvoyant healer was the only solution to a case the doctors couldn’t even diagnose!! Now I feel fine and have a positive outlook. I recommend Leonie to everyone as a primary or adjunct healer.

Gary Justin King

M.S. Nutritionist

How does Melissa from the Gold Coast get back to feeling like she is In the Pink # reference “In-the-Pink”;  In perfect condition, especially of health; to epitomise the pinnacle of quality.

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