Frequently Asked Questions

“The Chambered Nautilus” by Oliver Wendell Homes, (mid-nineteenth century American poet, medical doctor, philosopher and scientist) uses the nautilus as a metaphor for the human soul, a heavenly message of how people grow and develop through their lives.

A nautilus shell is inhabited by an amazing sea creature, ever expanding and growing out of one chamber to create an even bigger chamber while closing off the previous to add to buoyancy

What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

And… like the nautilus shell, the closed compartments are like our mind which holds many stories that hold the mystery to help our future unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work?

Through my spiritual gifts I consult and dialogue with Master Healers, Archangels and Ascended Masters. I channel and confer with my clients own spiritual guides who offer their perspective on ways to realign their “charge” for greater wellbeing.

I use my own soul’s dynamic knowledge of Spiritual healing, the Life-Force, Chi, Cosmic, Causal and Astrological influences. While assessing a client, I analyse the current physical health issues and then assess and cleanse the energy field which is one of the first indicators of physical disorder. I then consult with my client’s body consciousness, subtle bodies and soul consciousness and release impure energy and soul and genetic memories to reinstate Light and energy flow. Actual physical disorders are alleviated and the client’s body realigned with a wellness consciousness.

Through my clairvoyant capacity, I view into the physical body including, DNA, brain and nervous system, endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory, organs and other body systems. I work into energetic body systems including all subtle bodies, chakras and meridians.

Imbalances or blocked energy which is unable to have efficient chi flow in any of these systems unbalance our whole body ecosystem. Just as we need to take in the right balance of nutrients and oxygen for use around the body, the energetic body systems are fundamental to the integration and maintenance of our homeostasis so that the Life-Force has resonance with our entire body.

Each body resonates at its own harmonic resonance. Anything other than this is discord and disharmony. Through using Spiritual and bio-energetic healing of channelled Light, colour and sound, I release emotional blockages and heal throughout the emotional, mental and spiritual subtle body levels as well as throughout the body consciousness.

I have had extensive successes with clients who have come to me with basic feelings of being blocked or limited in their career and life directions through to clients with deep grief conditions in their psyche, emotional breakdowns and post traumatic stress disorder conditions. Some of these conditions have not been treated successfully through traditional medical diagnoses and treatments.

After releasing and healing, I facilitate a reinstatement of the body harmonics to balance and reprogram the body towards forming patterns of regeneration throughout their whole body system.

Your first treatment usually takes approx. 1.5 hrs where I will work with your Soul and body consciousness, your Higher Self, your own personal spiritual guides and my Master Healers. All of these intereractions help me to systematically and thoroughly assess the appropriate personal approach. Your ongoing process will help to maintain and integrate the work we do at each session. Depending on the condition, further sessions will be 1-1.5 hrs in 2-6 weeks.

Sometimes an undiagnosed medical condition may be apparent during an assessment and the client is advised to see a medical practitioner before further healing treatment is considered.  This healing process is not in any way, considered as a replacement for medical diagnosis. It is a complementary therapy and all clients are advised to seek medical attention on their own behalf.

What can I expect to feel after healing?

It varies for each person. Some people feel enormous relief, have more energy and want to bounce out of a session while others may just need to go home and process, and let their body rest. You may feel more positive and find that whatever has been holding you in a limiting pattern has shifted and your can make the changes you desire in your life.

I have never experienced spiritual healing before what do I need to do following the session?

If you have not experienced Spiritual and bio-energetic healing, you may feel much lighter and quite different. You may feel a little light headed or dizzy and just want to go home and sleep. This is not unusual and you should follow the body’s lead and relax, soak in a warm bath and sleep. Drink 2 litres of water a day (about 3-3.5 litres if you are a bigger body type) following treatment if you are not already doing so as releasing impure energy will also stimulate the physical body to flush toxins from the system.

How many sessions would I need?

It depends on each person’s condition. For chronic conditions, there may be a number of variables and memories layered into a body and each session may bring you a new level of healing and moving your further towards health and wellbeing.  For some people one session to break through what is troubling them resolves their problem and gets them back into motivation and refocus.

I have had some really limiting blocks on my career and financial stability, can you help me get past these?

Many clients have come to me with these challenges and I work systematically through the limitations, which includes self belief issues, deservedness and previous discriminations and poor choices in jobs and workplaces which have left them feeling burned by their experiences. I identify and release these limitations and have them reset their goals and intentions.  For a number of years I worked also as a career consultant so can help also on the practical level of career choices and self marketing to get that job.