Nucleic acids, compounds first discovered in the nuclei of cells, are exceedingly large organic molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous. They are divided into two principal kinds, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA).

Cells contain hereditary material called genes, each of which is a segment of a DNA molecule. Our genes determine which traits we inherit, and they control all the activities that take place in our cells throughout our life time. When a cell divides, its hereditary information is passed on to the next generation of cells. The passing of information is possible because of DNA’s unique structure. (Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Tortora and Agnostakos, Harper and Row 1984, Pp 46,47,69)

But what does all this mean to spiritual and vibrational healing?

Cells are made up of matter. All matter contains energy that vibrates at certain velocities. Cells are the building blocks of each person and contain the hereditary material which is called genes. A DNA molecule may contain up to 1.45 million pieces of genetic information which makes up a human being.

Within the DNA is an infinite story which goes throughout the history of a person’s family line. All of this information is not necessarily the perfect blueprint of your gene-line. Not only do you get the eye colour, hair colour, facial features, body shape, attitudes, etc, within this story you also have illness, trauma, disease, wars, famine etc. which are also recorded. These “tags” of memory is the genetic karma that becomes a scarring on the perfect blueprint throughout a gene-line.

These tags may not always appear in each generation but every second generation. Genetic tags are generally instigated or activated when a soul who was involved in the original historical event reincarnates along that gene-line or comes into contact with another person who may be a family member or a seemingly random person that connected with them. These “random” connections can be with a soul who may also be a reincarnation of another in the original story back throughout history. Although seemingly random or chance, meetings with a karmically connected person are not chance, but an energetic resonance based on the Universal Laws of Karma which attracts souls together to provide an opportunity for karmic resolution between them on the physical plane.

Using remote and clairvoyant tracking, I trace the original story which can reappear or be re-enacted a number of times with the same “players” in history. The story may be modified, either expanded in terms of any trauma caused, healed in some way or moderately changed. Each of these changes impacts the eventual story as it journeys throughout history. Through my spiritual and vibrational healing, these genetic karmic tags can be healed in the DNA. I channel and track using the spiritual light and energy back throughout time and the many generations until reaching the original issue where the soul involved needs to release the trauma. By connecting into the soul consciousness and gently pulling the light and energy back down the gene-line to the person requiring the healing and beyond that current person, I then forward the healing into the future for the resolution for future family members.

Future generations can also carry the story or tag because Souls reincarnate throughout their family line, especially when they have unfinished business with the family. The process of reincarnation is learning and adjusting the learning until the Souls involved learn from the experience and potentially work together to heal a karmic or causal event.

This healing is not about changing the course of history after the healing. It is about healing a specific Soul who may have learned many times throughout their journey but the connections with another generally will trigger the past for the other as well. If for example, there was “bad blood” between parties and other families, Souls involved in the story can choose, through their own will, to further any grievance or resentment and can infer the story into the current time. A projection of a story can send any Soul into searching through their own Soul memory banks to find where the memory connects into them. This, unfortunately, appears to be how old grievances open up and cause reconnections to any trauma and health issues that originated back within a family line, especially if there is lack of resolve in all or any of the parties.

Any Soul/person can choose to accept that the learning has been done enough and generally “done to death” in many cases and offer forgiveness through their gene-line. They can also affirm that they no longer will accept the pain and trauma of their fore-fathers as the dangers and limitations of ancient times bears no resemblance to our current existence.

Sometimes blame factors hold many families in “curses” which are as a result of vehement statements made in the past about what the supposed blamed or guilty party or family will be held responsible for over the rest of eternity. Curses are just that – vehement statements which can be addressed, noted as to the pain that may have been caused in the past and even on their own gene-line by the blamers. Affirmations can state that the stories of old have been journeyed through and Souls can release and move on from lessons learned. Tags can be cleared and leave our genetic stories clear for a new way forward and future healthy, happy memories.