About Leonie

Hello and Welcome

I help you understand and clear the challenges to your health, wealth, career, love and relationships among other things. I help you focus and reset your world and your life to meet your goals and your desires.  I will offer you strategies in self healing and managing the pitfalls you may encounter along the way.

My support along the way will remind you of your inner power, your inner voice and capability.  Options include instruction in practical spiritual, energetic and metaphysical tools and processes to master your world and future directions.

Why I do what I do

I do what I do because I am guided to work in this way. My Soul journey has been planned and laid out for me, Leonie, to participate in and to action.

In other words, I am guided to fulfil what my Soul has agreed to work through in this life – to live, love, learn, grow, heal, educate, have the passion to inspire others and to fulfil my life purpose.

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Vitality Vibe Tool Kit

More About Me

I use clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and medium gifts to assess your healing needs and channel spiritual and bio-energetic healing. My gifts extend to using medical intuitive and spiritual geneticist and quantum technology. I am a conscious channel of information and messages from Spirit and healing energy.

Throughout my spiritual search, I discovered many ancient traditions of healing with vibration and Spiritual Energy. While Spiritual writings opened doors to information, most of my knowledge has unfolded from my own Soul memory as a Master Healer and through guidance from Spirit.

Ancient traditions in Shamanic, Celtic and Vibrational healing from other dimensions channelled to me have expanded my repertoire of tools to use in service for others.

I also discovered, throughout my search, my innate ability to “see” into a body, its DNA and through all its physical and energetic systems.

Why work with me?

Ultimately, every person can be his or her own healer.

Sometimes you work so hard to encourage yourself in achieving wellness or that love you greatly desire and deserve. When you end up frustrated if you feel like you are never getting where you thought you would be or ought to be.

So if you have consciously committed to a healing path or have embarked on your own self development process and need to essentially get a “leg up” to get it going, I can help you release the limitations, reset your intentions to reclaim your health, your wealth, your love, your future and career, Your Life and to find your infinite and true self.

My healing work and Charter inspires change and you can journey further into your own life purpose to expand yourself into a very inspiring life, career with clear and guided opportunities to contribute to this world and others in it.