Everyone likes to feel like they have some control in their life, the inspiration to move themselves to a place of Joy and satisfaction and to have the health, vitality and satisfying relationships that we as humans deserve to have.

If you are ready to allow the healing journey to unfold, the energy to flow and re-inspire your life force within you, then you have taken the first steps to well-being. And I am here to help you with that journey and getting YOU back on top of the world and your Divine Destiny.

Inner Shaman Cleansing Visualisation

Listen to a sample of my Inner Shaman Cleansing Visualisation Ritual (audio sample right). The entire audio is over 20 minutes and is available for $5.95

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Call Leonie on 0416242519 or make a booking to start your own personal wellness journey today

Meet Leonie

Transformational Coach & Counsellor

Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Geneticist, Spiritual and Bio-energetic Healer
Medium/Clairvoyant/Clairaudient/Clairsentient & Remote Healer
Bachelor of Applied Science, Health Education

I invite you to participate along with me and my healing strategies to unlock your deeply coded stories that have challenged your perfect blueprint for health and vitality.  Let me help you reset and recode for the purpose of your journey and highest potential.

Receive advice from your own personal Spiritual Guides and Master Healers. Find your true path and purpose and your infinite and personal Soul Journey along the way.

The New You Program

4 (or more) 1-on-1 sessions. Declutter, change your self-perception and move forward with the freedom to choose who you are and how you apply yourself in this world.

Read about the New You Program

personal developmentAssisting you to be the best you can be. Removal and release of your limitations, getting into the depths of your past lives, and coaching you through progressions of understanding about Life, the Universe and Everything.

Sacred Soul Coherence Program

Innate healer programThis program is for those who feel they have this calling and are interested in exploring their inner healer, reminding them, building on and empowering them to access their own skills, gifts and talents as a Soul Journeyer to apply to healing.

The Innate Healer Program

Remote or Distance Healing

Working by phone, Zoom or Skype, my clairvoyant and clairaudient capacity tunes into you at your end of the phone.

You will receive a medical intuitive assessment, bioenergetic, spiritual and vibrational healing as if I was in the room with you.

And you can do this with your feet up and all from your own bedroom or lounge chair – and without having to get up from a treatment venue and drive home.

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Imbalances in the Chakra System

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